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Dirty Paws Dog Shampoo,
as Seen on T.V.
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Made with Organic Vegetable Oils!*

*Organic Vegetable Oils Certified by QAI

  • Dye-Free
  • Petroleum-Free
  • Detergent-Free
  • Animal-Free
  • Corn-Free

Natural Liquid Soap for your hands and body, Laundry Soaps for your clothes, and the best Dog Shampoo that can be found anywhere.

The Highest Quality Natural Liquid Soaps Possible!

Our Natural Liquid Soap does not contain any dyes, any sulfates (like sodium lauryl sulfate), or any other petroleum based detergents. It is made with no citric acid, or any other form of corn derived products. Our soap is made from organic vegetable oils, saponified by professional artisans in our facility in Austin, Texas.

Natural Liquid Soap is product of South Austin People - So.A.P.
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